Vitamins Affect Macular Degeneration

Presently, macular degeration occurs in two forms, dry and wet. Dry macular degeration occurs when the light-sensitive cells slowly break down causing gradual blurring near the central area of the eye. Over time, a person suffering with dry ARMD may experience serious central vision bluriness. Wet ARDM occurs when abnormal blood vessel are generated underneath the macula, which tend to be fragile and very weak. Due the weakness of the vessels they may leak blood, causing the macula to rise and shift from its origin. This shift usually damages the macula, which is very problematic for clear vision. Many people that suffer with this condition notice an immediate change in vision. To them, many straight objects appear wavy in nature. According to most eye care professional, they find wet ARDM a more serious condition, due to its fast and strong effect upon the eyes.

The reason why macular degeneration occurs specifically occurs in unknown. It is linked to the aging process. Many suspect that there are genetic contributory factors that make certain people pre-disposed to the condition. Some experts believe that smoking and diets rich in saturated fat can further progress the disease. Certain studies have presented statistic data demonstrating that those that smoke are 3x more likely to develop ARDM. In another study, those that had high saturated fat diets were 70% more likely to develop this condition, compared to those with low-saturated diets.

Recent research and evidence have helped eye professional with knowledge on how to help those that suffer with ARDM. If you feel, based on this information you are experience ARDM related symptoms it is strongly advised to see your local opthalmalogist or optmetrist. They can help you clearly define, if and what type of ARDM you are suffering from. Currently, ARDM is irreversible based on the clinical data stated in modern medicine. One of the most important things a person with this condition, should do is stop or minimize its progression. Medically, there are a few options to curtail the progression of ARDM through laser and radiation therapy. Currently, there are a number of success stories with both options as each technique has certain advantages.

I would like to digress from the benefits of medicine or surgery and focus on alternative medical treatments. It has been commonly found that combinational therapy with both techniques is pretty effective. According to some experts, it has been observed that antioxidants are very helpful additive for those with ARDM. Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene are most common antioxidants that help those with this condition. Research has illustrated that nutritional supplementation can prevent ARMD or minimized its progression. Many physicians, suggest to look for vitamins that are specifically made for this condition. Research has illustrated that nutritional therapy can prevent ARMD or slow its progression once established.