Modern Screens Can Hurt Your Eyes

Well you can start by paying attention to how close you are to the computer screen and making sure you are working in adequate lighting. If not you could be exacerbating the problem. For those who are already working very close to the computer screens, they need to realize that this can damage the eyes, as there is an energy field, which comes out from the modern day computer screens.

Any chance on suing for this problem if your eyes are damaged? Probably not as the companies, which make the screens are not US based and are contract companies making components for the larger companies or name brands who sell the computers.

The fact is it is your responsibility as a computer user to be careful with your eyes and to make sure you are using the equipment properly. Remember you only have one pair of eyes and if you ruin them or damage them really badly now, there may not be a way to repair them anytime soon with modern technologies.