Lenses In Raleigh

An optician or ophthalmologist is not just the person who writes you a prescription for glasses in Raleigh. They are actually a health professional who is responsible for checking and ensuring the health of your eyes. They are specially trained to look for disorders such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other issues that can be devastating for vision and a person’s overall health.

Many times, the optician or ophthalmologist is the first person to notice that a patient has a disorder that needs to be treated by a medical doctor, since many illnesses and disorders are visible through an examination of the eye. In addition, if you already suffer from a disorder such as Bells Palsy or diabetes, an ophthalmologist can make sure that your eyes are minimally affected.

Besides these obvious reasons for the necessity of your annual eye exam, it is important to remember that your prescription for lenses in Raleigh will eventually become outdated. Eyes are constantly changing, making it very important to get new lenses in Raleigh each year. Many people experience enough vision change that their prescription is updated every year.

People with eye problems such as blurred vision, trouble focusing, eye pain, and headaches even though they are wearing corrective lenses in Raleigh, may be dealing with an outdated prescription. No one should continue to wear the same lenses for years without seeing an eye doctor to check for a change in prescription. When your prescription isn’t right, your eyes struggle to focus causing many other physical problems.

One way to make sure your vision doesn’t decrease over time is to see an optician or ophthalmologist each year. Additionally, follow his or her suggestion on getting new eyewear in Raleigh as your eye sight may diminish over time due to wearing an outdated prescription.