bookmark_borderLiving With Fibromyalgia

Many patients complain about an increased sensitivity to bright lights and odors as well as noises and touch sensitivity. Fatigue and sleep disturbances are common findings. Constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain and bloating which constitute a syndrome commonly referred to as irritable bowel syndrome is very common in patients with fibromyalgia. The systemic symptoms include widespread and sometimes debilitating pain. Restless leg syndrome with nighttime cramps occurs in many patients.

Headaches and facial pain as well as TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction is another common finding. Other symptoms are more general and can include depression and mood changes as well as dizziness and anxiety and difficulty concentrating.

It is becoming more common for patients to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia as doctors become more familiar with the fibromyalgia. The problem in diagnosing it is increased because the symptoms can be mild in some patients and can be confused with other illnesses. The increased awareness in the public including the television spots I mentioned is helping people better understand it and get treatment to make their lives more fulfilling.

bookmark_borderAstigmatism Eye Surgery Procedures

The conservative method of treating astigmatism is via the use of corrective lenses. These corrective lenses are able to counteract the irregular shape of your cornea. Corrective lenses include the use of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Another procedure, known as orthokeratology or ortho-K, makes use of contact lenses to change the shape of your cornea. Ortho-K requires you to use the contact lenses only at night. By doing this, the shape of your cornea gradually changes.

Refractive eye surgery is used in the permanent treatment. It changes the shape of your eye permanently. There are several kinds of corrective eye surgery that can be used in the treatment of astigmatism.

Previously, a procedure known as astigmatic keratotomy, or AK, was used to cut the patient’s cornea in order to change its shape. However, with the advent of excimer lasers and novel refractive eye surgery techniques, the use of AK has diminished significantly. Newer refractive eye surgery techniques have been able to decrease the risk of complications and have produced better results, making them more favorable for both ophthalmologists and patients.

Nowadays, LASIK is the most common refractive eye surgery used in the treatment. LASIK involves creating a corneal flap and using an excimer laser to alter the shape of your eye’s cornea. Another refractive eye surgery used in treating astigmatism is PRK, wherein only the surface of your eye is ablated. However, PRK is not as commonly used anymore. One of the newer kinds of refractive eye surgery is LASEK, wherein a thin layer of the cornea is opened so that the laser can ablate the layers underneath.

bookmark_borderReasons for Using Eye Creams

It has been noticed, that dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags are some of the prevalent problems that most women post their twenties face. The increased stress factors that affect contemporary life takes its toll on the skin and the worst affected are the skin areas surrounding the eyes. Moreover, the skin around the eyes is very thin and do not possess any protective sheath like fats or oil glands. With the increase of age, elastin and collagen which are responsible for maintaining the tightness of the skin usually weaken in functioning thus leading to the formation of wrinkles. Therefore under such condition, eye creams are considered at present to be the most viable option. It is advised by responsible medical practitioners nowadays that women can begin using the eye creams as early as in their early twenties to prevent early aging of the skin and premature wrinkle formation.

The various eye creams that are available are made up of components which contain extra moisturizing properties and give protection to the skin around the eye and they also strengthen and support the various blood vessels that constitute the skin around the eye produce new cells. In this way not only do these eye creams help in protecting the skin around the eye and provide moisture but at the same time it is also instrumental in removing dark circles, eye bags or puffiness around the eye and wrinkles. The most important component in most eye creams is known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid which facilitates the production of new cells removing the dead cells within the skin. Eye creams also aid in filing the skin with vitamin A and D which are lost by the skin due to exposure to the sun.

bookmark_borderWays To Have More Energy After Age 40

Cut out simple sugars and obvious “junk” food – including alcohol

You might be surprised how much of an impact your diet has on the way that you feel. A slight tweak in diet, eliminating simple sugars, and other obvious “junk” foods is a good place to start. Another good technique is to not eliminate bad foods necessarily, but to slowly start to add healthy foods in. The idea is the healthy foods provide additional nutrients that eventually the healthy foods will edge out the bad ones.

Do something you are afraid of

Part of getting older is getting stuck in the monotony of routine, and becoming comfortable with complacency. Don’t get stuck in this trap. You only get one life, and some of the most rewarding things you will ever do are hiding behind a thinly veiled lie of fear. Jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down, you won’t regret it. The excitement of the change this will manifest will invigorate you.

Try Fasting

Many have heard the spiel – Our ancient ancestors hunted every few days, made a kill, feasted, and then rested for a few days like a bunch of lazy high schoolers. This anecdote has some truth, however. A simple method of intermittent fasting is to simply wait until noon to eat. From there, do not eat past 8 pm. Eating within this 8 hour window will maximize your body’s nutrient partitioning abilities, and ensure you maximize the muscle building capability and minimize the fat storage potential of the foods you eat. It will also tremendously increase your energy throughout the day.

Try adding a DHEA Supplement

Especially after age 25, in men and women, the body’s natural DHEA production slows. DHEA is responsible for the formation of many natural hormones including testosterone. This is important in both men and women, and plays important roles in both sexes. Those who are deficient in DHEA find they immediately notice an increase in energy and well-being when adding it into their daily exercise and nutrition regiment.


The signs and symptoms of myopia may include headache, eyestrain and fatigue when doing some tasks that require distance vision like driving and playing sports. People with myopia often squint and strain their eyes, which usually cause headaches. For nearsighted and myopic people, far objects appear blurry and indistinct.

Myopia occurs when the eyeball is slightly longer than usual from front to back. Because of this defect, the light rays focus at a point in front of the retina rather than directly on its surface. Myopia is hereditary and usually shows its symptoms in childhood. Although myopia may stabilize at some point, it can also worsen with age, a condition known as myopic creep. Fortunately, myopia or nearsightedness is a mildly debilitating condition that is easily correctable. Nevertheless, there are also cases where myopia is severe and is considered pathologic. Pathologic or degenerative myopia develops in those with extraordinarily elongated eyeballs. This type of myopia typically starts by age twelve and can worsen with age, resulting in progressive or severe loss of vision.

Myopia can be corrected or treated in several ways. Glasses and contact lenses are the most common ways of correcting myopia. Some myopic persons may need to wear glasses and contact lenses all the time. People with myopia have a negative prescription number. The higher the numeral, the stronger the lenses are. Myopia can also be treated through surgery. Refractive surgery can reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. The most common refractive surgery is laser-assisted in LASIK. In this procedure, a flap is cut through the top of the cornea. Then a laser removes some corneal tissue and afterwards the flap is put back in place.

Another surgical procedure is PRK. In this procedure, a laser removes a layer of corneal tissue. This flattens the cornea and allows light rays to focus properly on the retina. A surgical method for correcting mild myopia is by implanting plastic corneal rings, which alter the shape of the cornea. They can either be removed or adjusted or can be left in place permanently. There are also non surgical procedures available for persons with myopia. In orthokeratology, the patient wears special contact lenses that slowly reshape the cornea over time. The cornea temporarily retains the new shape allowing the patient to see clearly. Until recently, there have been no medications available to help people with myopia. However, in 2001, a new FDA-approved photosensitive drug called Vysudine was introduced as a treatment for revascularization or the abnormal growth of blood vessels in pathologic myopia.

Myopia is the most common eyesight problem in the world. Almost a third of the population of the United States has myopia. Fortunately, myopia can be corrected and treated. An eye examination is highly recommended for people experiencing signs and symptoms of myopia. Regularly visiting an ophthalmologist is the best way to know if you have myopia. It is also recommended so that you can get your myopia treated and corrected as soon as possible.

bookmark_borderToric Contact Lens

An astigmatism for those who are not familiar with the term is a curvature of the eye creating blurry vision. This problem can be corrected by surgery along with your other vision problems, but surgery is expensive and may not be an option for you right now. This is where a Toric contact lens can be important.

A Toric contact lens is different from regular soft contacts. First the contact lens is weighted so it will sit on your eye properly and keep the correction in place. With normal soft contact lenses you can put the lens in any way as long as it is not inside out and be comfortable. With Toric contact lenses the weight will position the contact on your eye and may cause discomfort or blurry vision for a few seconds while your eye blinks the Toric contact lens in place. The Toric contact lens has a small line on the lens near the identifying numbers to indicate the bottom of the lens. If you orient the lens properly you can avoid the uncomfortable feeling. The Toric contact lens is also heavier in weight so it can take up to a week or more to find comfort when you are first trying them.

There are also a few brands of Toric contact lenses so you might try the different brands before settling on a certain brand to find maximum comfort. Expense may lead you to one brand over another though they are most usually with in five dollars of each other.

Another option your eye doctor may suggest is a Toric contact lens with a special material. Often those with an astigmatism need a higher prescription to correct their vision problems and the heavier weight of the Toric contact lens may be restricting oxygen flow to the eye. If this is the case they may offer a thicker more rigid Toric lens with a special material allowing more oxygen flow. This can help with the extreme dryness that results from having a heavier lens like the Toric contact lens as a secondary effect.

bookmark_borderBreast Cancer Diagnosed

Let’s begin by learning what this disease is. Breast cancer is, next to skin cancer, the leading cancer among women. While it is most commonly diagnosed among females, it can also effect the lives of men. Breast cancer is a group of cancerous cells, known as a malignant tumor, that begins in the cells of the breast and can potentially spread into other areas of the body.

While there are some signs that point to breast cancer (swelling of breast, skin irritation, pain, redness, nipple discharge, etc.), most women in the beginning stages of the cancer experience no symptoms at all. It is therefore extremely important that all women have a clinical breast exam performed at least once a year by a medical physician. If this exam is performed, and anything abnormal is found, other tests will be performed to determine if any of the irregularities could be from breast cancer.

One of the most common tests used to diagnose this type of cancer is the mammogram. A mammogram is generally used for early detection of the cancer as they can detect anywhere from 85 to 90 percent of all breast cancers. Mammograms can help to detect breast cancer before a lump can even be felt or seen.

Another test commonly used to diagnose cancer of the breast is an ultrasound. Ultrasounds are usually used after a mammogram has already been conducted to help target a specific area of concern (as found by the mammogram). Ultrasounds also help to tell the difference between cysts and solid masses, as well as benign and cancerous tumors.

If a lump is found on your breast, a sample of tissue and fluid will be taken by your doctor and will be sent to be tested by a pathologist. Once you get the results back, your doctor will summarize your diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with cancer, you will be informed of which stage you are at. The stage you are at will determine which course of treatment you will need to seek.

Because this type of cancer is so common, it is very important that you have an annual breast exam completed by your health care professional. It is also suggested that you ask your doctor how to perform a regular breast exam on your own so that you can do regular checks on yourself.

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bookmark_borderHealth Benefits of Sunglasses


Sunglasses with 100% UV tinting cut down on glare from reflected sunlight. This reduces squinting (and the wrinkles it causes), and can prevent certain migraines and headaches brought on by bright light. But the real benefit comes when you’re driving: glare from a road can temporarily blind drivers. UV tinted sunglasses allow you to avoid this potential hazard. And you don’t have to choose dark lenses: pale amber or other light colors work just as well to prevent glare, as long as they are 100% UV tinted.


Wind and air conditioning can dry out your eyes, causing discomfort, redness, itchiness and soreness. In cars, air conditioning often feels best when it’s blowing near your face – and that means into your eyes. Wearing sunglasses – even when it’s not sunny – cuts down on the effects of air blowing directly into your eyes.


Don’t forget cataracts – one of those ailments you don’t really think about until it’s too late. Long term excessive exposure to UV rays can cause cataracts in your eyes. Symptoms include blurred vision, light sensitivity, double vision, needing brighter light to read, and fading of colors. Wearing sunglasses regularly can prevent or slow the development of cataracts, so it’s never too early to start.

bookmark_borderAbout Reading Glasses

The main two types of frames are full frames and the smaller Franklin glasses. The full frames have the entire lens made as per the reading prescription, the smaller Franklin glasses sit lower down on the nose and look like half-eyes.

Reading glasses are for those who would be closely looking at objects for a long time. However they are not the same as computer glasses, which are different in design. These glasses will be blurry if you try looking across a room through them.

The half eyes are for those who need to read and look up to discuss things, say, for example, if you are a consultant who needs to interact with people as well as read and write at the same time.

Before you decide on reading glasses, you need to visit an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Ophthalmologists are doctor specializing in treating eye problems. Optometrists examine the eye, diagnose problems and prescribe glasses. They are not medically qualified. They will give you a prescription with a number, against which you can get your glasses made. An eye examination by an ophthalmologist is a good idea as it could diagnose or even rule out other eye problems.

Today there is a wide range of reading glasses to choose from. Some are even foldable to fit in small, handy, attractive cases. The frames available are interesting and flattering. You can get these in stainless steal, gold or silver rimmed or even in trendy plastic, in a variety of shapes and colors. If you are looking for something exclusive, choose handmade frames. Accessories like magnifiers to read really small print, or even in dim light are also available.

Remember to choose a reputed maker for spectacles are expensive. The better they are made, the longer they will last and the more well-suited they will be to your needs. As far as looks go, today the old adage ‘Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’ just doesn’t apply to this fashion accessory anymore!

bookmark_borderCure Poor Eyesight

Eye chart

Its purpose is to exercise the eye to a healthy behavior of shifting instead of central fixation. Hang the eye chart and move to a distance where you can read the first 4 lines. Look at the first letter carefully close your eyes and try to visualize it in your imagination. Try to create a clear picture of it. Instead of static letter try imagining it slowly swinging. Repeat this with the rest of the letters in the four first lines you can read.


This is a very important exercise. People think that their eyes rest when they sleep. Actually, on the dreaming stage they keep moving and work as if the person is a wake.
Therefore, proper resting is crucial. For best performance you need a quite and comfortable place like your favorite couch. Cover your eyes with your hands, and try to feel as pleasant as you can. Listen to the music you like best, or try to imagine your favorite view. The eyes need about 10-15 minutes to reach full relaxation, the longer the better. It is recommended, to perform it daily for 15 minutes or a few times a day for 5 minutes.


Reading is a very important task for the eyes as it is performed on daily basis. It is important to adjust natural way of reading which will reduce eye tension and will educate the eyes for better, healthy vision habits. Healthy eyes read a sentence by focusing on each letter and then moving to the next one. A tensed eye will jump from word to word and will try to read the complete sentence in a few eye glances. Reading large areas instead of focusing on central vision, letter by letter, lead to increased eye tension. It is best to move slowly from letter to letter as a practice. At the end of each page focus on a point a few meters a way. This will ease the tension on the eyes from the reading.

Tiny writing

This exercise requires the eye to use its central vision. The eyes and the mind should be very relaxed to avoid over pressure on the eye when reading the tiny writing. Get text and print it from and word processor in size 4 or 3. It should be black text on a white paper. Hold it against your eyes and read it in a slow and relaxed mode. Make sure you keep blinking often and look at a distanced point once in a while.

Physical exercises

It is important to understand that the aim of these exercises is to make eyes muscles more elastic and avoid tension. First try to feel your eyes: are they tensed? If so try to feel exactly where, and relax that area. Look at an object not far from you, and move your eyes: ten times up and down and ten times left to right, then in circles for 5 times. Take a piece of paper with a dot at its top edge. Bring it as close as 5 CM from your nose and then move it away as far as you can. Concentrate on the dot all time, do it for about tem times. Hold the piece of paper close to your nose, look at for a few seconds and then look at a distant point for a few seconds. Again do it for ten times.