Transitions Lenses

Let us make clear one thing first. Transitions do not change as quickly as you see in the commercial. The time limit on most commercials is 60 seconds to get the point across. Transitions take approximately 60 to 90 seconds to get to their darkest state in the direct sun and approximately 2 to 3 minutes to return to a very light grey once you step inside a building. After an extended time indoors the lens returns to a virtually clear state. The Transitions lens is known as a variable clear lens. These lenses automatically adjust to changes in the amount of light the lens is being exposed to at any given time. So inside the car or under a tree or overhang the lens will lighten because the exposure is not as much as in the sun as much as 50% or more. The amount of lightening depends on the time of day and amount of sun exposure at the time.

Transitions lenses block 100% of the UV rays that can be damaging to your eyes and can reduce glare on a somewhat cloudy day. It is also nice that these lenses lighten inside the car which helps in being able to see things in the interior of your vehicle without removing your sunglasses. For those who prefer a dark lens inside the car, a separate pair of sunglasses may be necessary. They also have a manufacturer’s scratch protective coating on the front surface to cut down on minor scratches that can happen during normal use. The photochromic property of these lenses is also affected by temperature. Transitions work better in colder weather. If you live in a hot climate, you may notice they don’t work as well in extreme summer heat and better during the winter months.

The Transitions Lens can be an ideal choice for those not wanting to carry two pairs of glasses. They are now available in most lens materials and lens styles. Transitions lenses are an excellent choice for children in eyeglasses. Protection for UV damages to the eyes should start at an early age. What better way to acquire that and comfort from the bright sun than to include Transitions in your eyeglass lenses.