Sunlight Food For Eyes

Sunshine is Food for the Eyes. The eyes thrive on the sun’s energy. Go outdoors in the sunlight everyday that you can. Outdoor people generally have better vision than people who spend most of their time inside.

The best time to enjoy the sunshine on your eyes is in the morning before 11:00 am or after 3:00 pm. Anytime before or after that would be too bright or too dim a level to simulate your eye muscles to improve your eyesight.

The sun improves the eyes and pupils in many wonderful ways. For instance, it loosens tight muscles. The nerves and muscles just naturally let go of stress and tension, a leading cause of poor eyesight. Once again, be careful not to stare in the sun directly, it’s harmful.

In the exercises section, you’ll find several ‘sunning’ exercises – they are amongst my favorites – but here’s one you can do whenever you get the chance, not just in your 15 minute routine. Sit down, relax your mind and body; loosen your neck and shoulders. Close your eyes and swing your head slowly from side to side, with the sun shining directly on your face. If your eyes start to “tear” or “water”, just let it happen, the tears are very healing.

So now that you know the importance of getting a healthy dose of sunlight, try to take a break for your eyes. Take a walk after lunch to get that healthy natural benefit for your eyes.