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It is rather difficult to distinguish between a child acting child like, and one who is suffering from ADD. Though there are many symptoms for ADD, it is always better to have the child diagnosed by a trained health care professional to get the final and right diagnosis.

The impulsive ADD patient tends to react rather than act. They tend to make decisions without considering consequences and spend more money than they have. They don’t have the capacity of concentrating on a subject for long; however, they may pay attention to different things at a time, instead of concentrating on a single thing. The hyperactive, can’t sit still and are always restless and in constant motion.

There is no actual reason for ADD; but research has shown that genetics, neuro-chemical imbalances, nutrition and pregnancy health all have an effect on ADD. The brains of people with ADD have brain areas that have less activity with reduced blood flow. It is when the chemicals of the brain, the neurotransmitters, don’t function effectively that ADD develops in a person. Some researches have shown that ADD is genetic, and that it runs in the family chain. Even the use

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According to Wikipedia, Rhinovirus infection proliferates in temperatures between 33-35 degrees Celsius (91 to 95) the temperature found in the nose.

Dr Fiset after being exposed to a child suffering from a cold’s drect cough, developed symptoms of the common cold such as a sore throat.

She elaborated the premise that if she could lower the temperature in her mouth and nose by breathing by her open mouth, the virus might not develop. During the first day, she breath with her mouth slightly opened letting in cooler air (room temperature air is normally around 22 degrees Celsius) and did not develop a common cold the next day.

Dr Fiset added to her breathing technique drinking a lot of cold water and gargling with cold water. She based her behavior on the premise that it is accepted knowledge that a person starting a cold needs to hydrate herself. The gargling aimed at removing the virus from her throat.

Dr Fiset then filed a provisional patent for her breathing technique and recruited volunteers to practice her breathing methods the moment they felt a cold coming. She wanted to test if other people could get similar results,

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The Romans have been said to have used water filled glasses to read with and while watching those who were less fortunate to be in an arena they used some stones of various colors to shield their eyes. Romans were known for wanting the best out of life so its no surprise that they used stones like quartz to enhance vision or reduce glare

Salvino D’Armate invented the first known official pair of eyeglasses around 1284 in Italy. Alessandro Spina has been also said to be the first. Italians introduced eyeglasses to the Chinese and folk loar says Chinese judges used green eyeglasses to hide their expressions while passing judgment.

Eyeglass designer and maker of scientific devices James Ayscough developed a set of eyeglasses that used clear or green lenses in 1752. Ayscough thought that the green lenses helped vision some and relieved some eye fatigue. He was an apprentice to James Mann. The two became partners in developing microscopes and the publishing of articles.

By the early part of the 1900’s well known figures helped inspire the production and use of sunglasses. In 1929 Sam Foster started selling his version of sunglasses called Foster


Glaucoma is considered serious because it is usually detected very late. By the time it is diagnosed it would have done enough damage to the eye. The reason for the late detection of the disease is – it has very few symptoms.

The affected person does not experience many problems in his eyes except the deterioration of vision. This dimness of vision is related to the age or the common eye disease – cataract, which also occurs in the same age group between 60-70 years. The another point to note here is- the damage it causes is most of the time irreversible. The correct treatment only ensures the arrest of the further damage. It cannot restore the lost vision. Therefore it has to be diagnosed as early as possible.


The problem of the Glaucoma is more in developing countries because of the poverty, ignorance and non-systematic health system. It is estimated that one in every ten patients who visits eye hospital has glaucoma and one in every 100 becomes blind because of glaucoma in these countries. The survey conducted in various part of India indicates the prevalence of glaucoma as

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Eye lashes usually protect the eyes from direct injuries. But sometimes eye injuries do occur piercing the defense of the eye. Sharp wooden or metal pieces enter and damage the eyes. This usually happens to workers, who work in quarries and in metal works. Various organic substances like acids and alkalis may fall accidentally into the eye and cause mild to severe damage. Apart from sharp objects, blunt objects also can damage the eye and cause blindness.

Damage to the eyes depends on 1) The sharpness of the accident. 2) The infection carried due to injury. 3) The infection of the iris- iritis. 4) The injury of one eye may cause damage to the other eye. Usually the sharp objects tear the cornea or the whiter sclera. In these situations, the iris which is inside might pop up and get trapped in the wound. The trapped iris might cause infection and damage the whole eye. Treatment at this stage would be surgery. The popped out iris has to be cut and the cut portions of cornea and sclera have to be sutured with fine sutures. If the cut portion is only in the sclera, the visual damage

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The green signal for pedestrians was about to end. He was in a hurry to get back to his house after a hectic duty at his office. His idea was to cross that important crossing before red signal would appear. When he crossed half of the road, suddenly he felt a sort of blackness in front of his eyes. It was like a black curtain in front of his eye. He did not know what to do at that moment. He was not able to see anything at that moment. Without knowing what to do he was standing at the half-way mark for long time. Meanwhile signals were getting changed frequently – green, red, purple and then once again green–and so on. He was hearing the noisy sounds of speeding vehicles moving on both his sides. He understood that there was something wrong with his eyes. He was slowly getting used to the circumstance. Likewise he had to spend nearly 20 minutes in the middle of the road. Meanwhile a police constable present at that crossing observed Mr. Fernandez. He did not understand why this fellow was not crossing the road even when he was getting the green

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Your optometrist will be able to confirm whether or not you are suffering from presbyopia by carrying out a basic eye exam. There are a number of ways to correct the condition if you are found to have it.
Varifocal contact lenses are often used to help correct presbyopia. They are specially designed to give the wearer good vision close up and far away. This means that people who wear them do not have to change their lenses for driving and reading.

Bifocal glasses are also used to correct presbyopia. However many people do not like wearing them because they have a line in the center of the frame. This is not the case with varifocal lenses which means that no one will be able to see that you are wearing them.
In addition to varifocal lenses and bifocal glasses, surgery is also sometimes used as a corrective measure. Refractive surgery for instance is sometimes carried out in order to correct the shape of the patient’s cornea.

Although it is not possible to prevent presbyopia entirely there are things that you can do to look after your eyes. For instance, you should get them checked regularly,

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Plaque build-up and other matters of oral hygiene are important to your health, but the mouth can indicate greater medical issues as well. Your dentist, dental hygienists, and nurses can be crucial in diagnosing more severe medical conditions like gum infections and even diabetes.

When your dentist is cleaning your mouth, it is crucial for them to look for other abnormalities. Your mouth can be an indicator of other health concerns in your body. One disease that all dentists should be on the lookout for is oral cancer. This development may be overlooked by the patient him or herself. Often velvety red or white spots develop that indicate the presence of this dangerous disease. Thankful, when oral cancer is diagnosed early, the disease is very treatable. But without the proper inspection or diagnosis, this disease can take a toll on your body.

Gum infections can also be a painful disease that your dentist should be quick to spot. An infection in your gums can cause bone loss. This dangerous infection can spread throughout your entire mouth if it is not spotted quickly. Thankfully, these types of infections can be treated and may not cause significant damage