History of Eyeglasses to Sunglasses

The Romans have been said to have used water filled glasses to read with and while watching those who were less fortunate to be in an arena they used some stones of various colors to shield their eyes. Romans were known for wanting the best out of life so its no surprise that they used stones like quartz to enhance vision or reduce glare

Salvino D’Armate invented the first known official pair of eyeglasses around 1284 in Italy. Alessandro Spina has been also said to be the first. Italians introduced eyeglasses to the Chinese and folk loar says Chinese judges used green eyeglasses to hide their expressions while passing judgment.

Eyeglass designer and maker of scientific devices James Ayscough developed a set of eyeglasses that used clear or green lenses in 1752. Ayscough thought that the green lenses helped vision some and relieved some eye fatigue. He was an apprentice to James Mann. The two became partners in developing microscopes and the publishing of articles.

By the early part of the 1900’s well known figures helped inspire the production and use of sunglasses. In 1929 Sam Foster started selling his version of sunglasses called Foster Grants.

The polarization of sunglasses was accomplished by Edwin H. Land. Land invented polarized material that he used on sunglasses. George Wheelright and Land became partners and started in 1937 the Polaroid Corporation. Lands polarized sheeting material was use in sunglasses, 3-D movies and for military use. Later the polaroid camera came along another of Lands products.

By the 1950’s sunglasses were exploding on the scene with great stride and to present time sunglasses have become more popular than ever. Manufacturers now have improved sunglasses greatly not only providing great styles, but now sunglasses protect against UVA & UVB Lights Rays and from eye problems such as macular degeneration. So make sure you protect your eyes and your childrens.