Eye Injuries

Eye lashes usually protect the eyes from direct injuries. But sometimes eye injuries do occur piercing the defense of the eye. Sharp wooden or metal pieces enter and damage the eyes. This usually happens to workers, who work in quarries and in metal works. Various organic substances like acids and alkalis may fall accidentally into the eye and cause mild to severe damage. Apart from sharp objects, blunt objects also can damage the eye and cause blindness.

Damage to the eyes depends on 1) The sharpness of the accident. 2) The infection carried due to injury. 3) The infection of the iris- iritis. 4) The injury of one eye may cause damage to the other eye. Usually the sharp objects tear the cornea or the whiter sclera. In these situations, the iris which is inside might pop up and get trapped in the wound. The trapped iris might cause infection and damage the whole eye. Treatment at this stage would be surgery. The popped out iris has to be cut and the cut portions of cornea and sclera have to be sutured with fine sutures. If the cut portion is only in the sclera, the visual damage would be less. If the damage is more in the cornea, the visual damage would be more, with the result that such eye would become partially or completely blind. The success of the treatment depends on the early institution of the correct and proper treatment. So it is necessary to consult a competent Eye specialist at the earliest.