Diagnose Asthma Symptoms

Your doctor will run several tests to find out whether you do have asthma. He will likely ask you if any of your family members have ever been diagnosed with Asthma. Some people think it is hereditary in most people. Have you ever been tested to see if you have Asthma? Your doctor may decide to test you with what is called a peak flow meter. It is an easy to use devise that can tell how well your lungs pull air in and out. Your peak flow meter can also be an early warning device to warn you of an oncoming attack. This will give you the time to make the preparations and give your body a fighting chance.

Causes for Asthma will still vary from person to person. Maybe it comes from what is in our food, maybe it comes from what is in our water. Let’s think about what is in the air we breathe. Because the pollution will continue to become worse and worse, the cases of Asthma are going up. Years ago before our earth was polluted, there were much fewer cases of asthma and other diseases. As we have damaged our earth over the years, our health is slowly deteriorating to the point to where our bodies are having trouble fighting back. The toxins are over whelming for our bodies. Our bodies have the ability to get these toxic problems out. The problem is, it is being overrun with them now. What your body cannot get rid of on its own, it absorbs and that is a pretty scary thought.

Something you can do in your own home to prevent Asthma attacks after you have been diagnosed with it, is making sure your house is Dust mite free. Make your home smoke free. Second hand smoke is one of the leading causes of attacks for people with Asthma. Pets also play a role. If you notice you or someone in your family that has been diagnosed with Asthma starts to have more attacks around pets. You may need to have that pet become an outdoor pet or live in only one part of the house. Mold is also a big trigger for someone with Asthma. They can grow in so many places, some beyond the sight of most people. Mold can grow in walls and in attics. If you suspect that mold may be in your house, have an inspector come to check and see if you do in fact have a mold issues.

Be aware of your environment. The news will often warn people of outdoor pollution, whether you can burn fires. You can then decide whether or not you even want to step outside and take a breath. Be aware of what foods you take into your body and make sure that all fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly. Much of what we take into our bodies can have an adverse affect on our immune system. It can mean the difference between having an asthma attack, or avoiding an asthma attack all together. Together we can change this world, but unfortunately, what we have done already will have consequences for many years to come.