Diagnose a Panic Attacks

Though we find many symptoms rather similar to each other, it becomes quite tedious to identify them and find the thin line which separates one from the other. But then it is always good to know how to detect or diagnose them as a whole.

It is believed that a specialist is required in order to diagnose panic attacks. It is not easy to diagnose such attacks by laymen. But then we should know how it is usually diagnosed as a matter of fact. The U.S.A. based DSM-IV-TR, which is The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines and conducts the diagnosis of many such mental abnormalities.

Though considered not much scientific but then really subjective to a good amount. According to this association diagnosis becomes a little difficult as they tend to resemble or mimic the conditions prevalent in many other types of disorders. Usually the individual’s doctor or any other medical professional dealing with mental health is best choice to deal with the diagnosis of such attacks.

The diagnosis includes an eye for the repetition or recursive attacks, while keeping in mind that the former has been followed by the latter within an interval of minimum one month. Unlike the common notion these attacks have got nothing to do with the adverse physiological effects of any substance as in chemicals or any kind of drugs that maybe used by an individual for treatment of any other problems related to health.

No other medication product can cause or bring about panic attacks. These panic attacks do not even accompany any other type mental disorder like the obsessive compulsive disorder, or separation anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

As soon as we clarify these grounds, the next level of diagnosis can definitely include the accompanying of agoraphobia. Panic attack can be found with or without the presence of the disorder of agoraphobia. This is a kind of fear which certain individual feels when in an open space like a market or so on. So in order to diagnose panic attacks there are certain set of procedures which have been discussed in the above paragraphs.