Custom Lasik

Custom Lasik surgery involves photographing your cornea from three different dimensions to check on the comportment in which it recognizes and retains light. Doctors will appraise these pictures and the surgical stratagem for your Lasik surgery will be based on their annotations. This procedure is known as lasik wave-front technology and it offers better exactness and exactness match up to to contact lenses, glasses or other Lasik procedures.

But know that this may not be appropriate for everyone. You need to be accepted as a nominee for custom lasik surgery by the FDA. The stipulation of your eyes and general health will first be checkered by the FDA and then by your surgeon to verify if you are at all eligible for the procedure. Be conscious that lasik surgery though popular eyes care procedure today may also not be the solution to many indiscretions to do with vision.

Lasik in San Diego and Lasik institutes in Los Angeles are possibly the best options for most people keen on this procedure. Both cities are the largest in the state of California and come highly recommended for their excellent lasik doctors, lasik institutes, pre and post operative care and follow-ups.

Lasik costs depend on doctors, expertise, and institutes you prefer. While one lasik surgery brings about working only on one eye, the expenses will double if both eyes are operated. Lasik doctors and lasik institutes may also add charges reliant on whether lasik wave front examination is being used or not for that added precision.