Better Eyesight

At first, these clear flashes don’t last very long, but they will gradually last longer and longer. Your average daily vision will also improve along with them. When you have a clear flash, you’ll be really tempted to strain your vision to ‘hang onto it’, but this is actually self defeating. As I’ll explain in the next chapters, one of the causes of your poor vision is eye strain. Any kind of straining of your vision, will just make your vision worse! When you get a clear flash, and it begins to fade away, just say to yourself, “I did it once, I can do it again” and you will.

While this doesn’t really count as an authentic vision improvement clear flash, it is handy to know how to do it, when you need to see clearly in a hurry and you don’t have glasses handy! Its easy to spot this one, as you can feel excess moisture on your eyes. Tear film clarity is not even and usually it only occurs for a split second and is moved around by blinking.

Sometimes you just look up and “Oh my god I can see!” This is usually accompanied by a deep sense of peace, comfort, relief and relaxation in your eyes. Involuntary clear flashes can last from a few seconds to minutes or even hours. This is your natural vision, and as you progress, it will happen more and more frequently and last for longer and longer, until eventually, it just becomes your natural state. During a clear flash you will notice that black is very black. Memorize it. Also, detail is phenomenal as central fixation is taking place. There is also a strong sense of 3D, as your eyes are now working perfectly as a team.

After having many involuntary clear flashes, some people learn that by relaxing in a particular way, and playing with some of the muscles in their eyes, they can “bring on” a clear flash. Again this is very useful when you need to see in a hurry and you don’t have your glasses handy!

Hope you had an insight to your eye.