Beat Computer Eye Strain

Warm Eye Pack

Due to the prolonged use of our eyes, the blood circulation around the area slow and weak. Lack of circulation disallows oxygen and nutrients in the blood stream to access the eye muscles. One of easiest techniques of enhancing good circulation is warming up.

Get a wet hand towel or an eye pack. Soak in warm water or heat it in the microwave. Place it over eyes for 1 minute. It provides excellent eye strain relief.

Eye Exercise

When you overexert your eyes, eye muscles get strained. Eye exercises can relieve their strain and enhance blood circulation around eyes. Palming and acupressure massage are easy and popular exercises.


  • Rub your hand for 15 sec.
  • With your warm hands, cover your close eyes for 15 sec. Put no pressure on your eyeballs. Repeat several times.

Acupressure Massage:

  • With your forefingers, place the pressure along your elbows.
  • With your forefingers, place the pressure under your eyes.
  • Push up the inner canthus with your thumbs.

If you use holistic techniques the right way, you’ll enjoy computing more without discomforts. You can learn a series of eye exercises by the ebook, “Funky Eye Exercise.”

Moisten your eyes

When you stare at a computer, you might concentrate and tend to blink much less often than usual. You may sometimes feel dryness of the eyes. It also can be a cause of eyestrain.

To moisten the eyes, blink often. Think about using eye drops. Try warm eye pack with a wet hand towel.

Follow these methods and you’ll notice that you can easily relieve computer eye strain and get back to work soon.