About Reading Glasses

The main two types of frames are full frames and the smaller Franklin glasses. The full frames have the entire lens made as per the reading prescription, the smaller Franklin glasses sit lower down on the nose and look like half-eyes.

Reading glasses are for those who would be closely looking at objects for a long time. However they are not the same as computer glasses, which are different in design. These glasses will be blurry if you try looking across a room through them.

The half eyes are for those who need to read and look up to discuss things, say, for example, if you are a consultant who needs to interact with people as well as read and write at the same time.

Before you decide on reading glasses, you need to visit an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Ophthalmologists are doctor specializing in treating eye problems. Optometrists examine the eye, diagnose problems and prescribe glasses. They are not medically qualified. They will give you a prescription with a number, against which you can get your glasses made. An eye examination by an ophthalmologist is a good idea as it could diagnose or even rule out other eye problems.

Today there is a wide range of reading glasses to choose from. Some are even foldable to fit in small, handy, attractive cases. The frames available are interesting and flattering. You can get these in stainless steal, gold or silver rimmed or even in trendy plastic, in a variety of shapes and colors. If you are looking for something exclusive, choose handmade frames. Accessories like magnifiers to read really small print, or even in dim light are also available.

Remember to choose a reputed maker for spectacles are expensive. The better they are made, the longer they will last and the more well-suited they will be to your needs. As far as looks go, today the old adage ‘Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’ just doesn’t apply to this fashion accessory anymore!