About Diagnosing ADD

It is rather difficult to distinguish between a child acting child like, and one who is suffering from ADD. Though there are many symptoms for ADD, it is always better to have the child diagnosed by a trained health care professional to get the final and right diagnosis.

The impulsive ADD patient tends to react rather than act. They tend to make decisions without considering consequences and spend more money than they have. They don’t have the capacity of concentrating on a subject for long; however, they may pay attention to different things at a time, instead of concentrating on a single thing. The hyperactive, can’t sit still and are always restless and in constant motion.

There is no actual reason for ADD; but research has shown that genetics, neuro-chemical imbalances, nutrition and pregnancy health all have an effect on ADD. The brains of people with ADD have brain areas that have less activity with reduced blood flow. It is when the chemicals of the brain, the neurotransmitters, don’t function effectively that ADD develops in a person. Some researches have shown that ADD is genetic, and that it runs in the family chain. Even the use of cigarettes, alcohol, and some drugs in pregnancy tend to have an effect on the unborn child.

It is possible to treat ADD with professional help. The physician will be able to diagnose ADD and prescribe preliminary medications. However, the physician may refer the case to a specialist for exact diagnosis and treatment. It is the psychiatrists who will be able to diagnose ADD and prescribe medications while giving therapy on feelings and tips for changing ADD behavioral tendencies.

With the help of a cognitive-behavioral therapist, it is possible to set up a modification program for the ADD case at school, office and home. Though the psychiatrist is capable of providing the right medications for ADD, the psychologist, psychotherapist and therapist have no right in prescribing medications. They can instead provide therapy to deal with ADD and these therapists usually suggest and organize support groups for people with ADD.