Tips to Stay Cool in Summer

  • Stay in shape
    Excessive fat is one of the reasons that adds to the troubles during the heated days and night. Even though the lethargy keeps you from leaving your AC rooms, make it a point to stay active. Even if you don’t have the time to hit the gym, you can still go for early morning jogs or evening walks. Staying in shape doesn’t mean that you need to have a chiseled physique. Just lose some weight and the rid of the extra fat. This is all you need to do handle the added pressure of heat.
  • Drink water
    Dehydration is the root cause that leads to bad temper and other such issues. It even causes to health problems during this season. So, drink as much water as possible in a day. Keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Along with this, keep some health drink with you and take a sip of the same at regular interval. Keeping yourself moistened will even boost your efficiency at the workplace.
  • Reduce sweat retention
    Sweating is important to regulate the temperature of the body. However, excessive sweat leads to irritation along with the prominent skin-related issues. Men are more prone to excessive perspiration and the heat adds to it. You just can stop the sweat secretion completely, but you can get rid of sweat retention. The retention of the same is the cause of body odor, stain, rashes, itchiness and others. As mentioned above, the lightweight and airy clothes are the best way to deal with it. Keeping the crotch area dry and cozy is important to stay cool during this season. Use a lightweight and skimpy style of men’s underwear that wicks away the moisture. The pouch enhancing underwear for men can keep your manhood abrasion free, thus, reducing squashing and sticking.
  • Take a break
    Avoid getting overworked. You must have noticed that hectic days at work annoys you the most. So, take regular intervals during the day. Just take a short walk and then start afresh again. Start your work early in the morning. This will you can finish off early in the evening. Spend some time with your family and let the pressure take the backside. Even a weekend break or a fun-filled getaway can make the season as pleasant as Spring for you. Spending some time in nature is the best way to get rid of the aftereffects of heat. Moreover, these refreshing breaks can stop the rising temperature from taking a toll on your temper.


Beat Your Burnout

  • Have 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Make sure you are having enough sleep every night so that you wake up fresh and healthy ready to meet the challenges of the day.
  • Take a short afternoon nap. In case you went to bed the night before somewhat late, you can make up for it by taking a short afternoon nap ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be re-energized doing your tasks happily for the rest of the day.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is a free resource and it should be available in your office plentifully. Take in as many glasses of water as you can throughout the day. That way you keep yourself hydrated and full of vigor to work on your projects enthusiastically and productively.
  • Drink hot energy drinks. During breakfast instead of taking caffeine, take a hot energy drink. It will keep you upbeat and energized throughout the day so that you can effortlessly carry on with your tasks for the day.
  • Take a short leave from the office. When you see yourself short of focus and energy to get along with your daily office routine, take a short leave for 1 or 2 days. Have enough sleep, laugh and play and spend quality time with your family. You will regain energy and your mind will be fully aware to cope with your daily work tasks gracefully once again.
  • Take a prospective vacation. When the year has come to an end and you have worked hard enough at the office, feeling tired and drained out of energy, make sure to take a long enough vacation with your family to a distant quiet place so that by the time you return to your workplace, you are happy and eager to start all over again.

Sleep Deprivation

Short term sleep deprivation or a period of sleeplessness, as parents of babies and small children will experience can be the cause of accidents on the roads and in factories by lowering concentration levels, causing clumsiness and a general feeling of being under par. This is soon reversed after a few good night’s sleep. However during the deprived period anything learned is soon forgotten as university students will be aware.

I had forgotten what it felt like to feel to be turned into a zombie by lack of sleep but recently with the hot nights plus increased phone calls from my 99-year-old mother, both during the day and night-time, meant I was functioning decidedly below par!

At last I have just enjoyed about eight hours of blissful sleep. I awoke feeling I could take on the world and nothing would be a problem. My energy levels are high, my concentration ability has quadrupled and I have already spend an hour and a half on marketing research and it is barely nine am!

I now recall times when the children were young – I did have five children under five years including two foster children; but I was in my twenties then and more resilient then. I can truly identify with all new mums out there coping with their new babies and young children, and the dads dragging themselves off to a day’s work-load after sleepless nights; the sleeplessness compounded by the newness of the situation, but it does end.

The other group we should feel for are the carers that are looking after loved ones that need assistance 24/7. That must feel never-ending. Being exhausted on a regular basis is a dreadful feeling it saps your energy, your ability to think clearly, your sense of humour and even your spirit.

So to all those struggling new mums, parents with small and special needs children. The infirm or elderly and their carers’ take every opportunity of help offered you, will feel so much better when you are properly rested, even if it means taking an afternoon nap. After all the Spanish have a name for it, and enjoy their siester-time, when in the villages, shops close for the afternoon, opening again when it’s cooler.

There are some foods that are considered helpful in promoting sleep, we all know a glass of warm milk is helpful but also we could include bananas, nuts and seeds in our arsenal of helpful foodstuffs. Lighter bedding on hot nights also help as duvets now come in tog ratings as low as 1 and 2, I know I have just purchased one online.

So To all you sleep deprived out there for whatever reason I wish you well and an improvement to your situation.

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Info of Titanium Eyeglasses

Titanium comes out of the ground. In rocks. It is popular because of a very high strength-to-weight ratio (thanks wiki!) To use an example, it might take a pound of steel to hold up king kong, but it only takes 1/2 a pound of titanium to do the same thing. While heavier than aluminum, pound-for-pound, titanium is twice as strong.

The benefits for using titanium in eyeglass frames now seems obvious. This metal will result in frames that are equally as strong as steel frames yet are only half the weight. Titanium makes a lot of sense. Don’t let any retailer tell you it will change the world, but it will provide a lighter pair of glasses equally as strong as a steel pair. Also, the other side of this is that if you know you’ll only be wearing a pair of glasses an hour or two at a time (e.g., sunglasses or fashion glasses), you might get the best bang for your buck out of cheaper steel frames.

A final note is that titanium is often alloyed, or combined, with other metals such as nickel. Some titanium frames are 100% and some are alloys. Unfortunately, the online retailers don’t seem to be disclosing this information. I will contact a few and post again in a couple of days. Generally, you want to avoid an alloyed frame if you are allergic to nickel or other metals with which titanium might be alloyed. The rationale behind the alloying process is that the manufacturing process is easier and the titanium becomes easier to manipulate.

This nice looking pair of frames is from EyeBuyDirect

The style name is “Free.” It looks like this particular pair runs about $40, plus probably $20 or so in coatings and upgrades. A whole lot better than the $400 I remember my father paying for a pair back in 1999.

Update: I stumbled upon this blogger whose father squished a pair of titanium eyeglasses. They were all mangled, but apparently they were able to be fixed without any breakage! Pretty neat metal, that titanium.

How is Alzheimer’s Diagnosed

There are many treatable conditions which have similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s and these are considered in any medical investigation. The loss of memory, reduced concentration, depression and withdrawal from work and regular social activities can often relate to the factors; medication and other illnesses such as depression after the death of a loved one, or medical conditions, such as a small stroke.

There isn’t a single test that can accurately diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and doctors who specialise in this treatment can only correctly diagnose the condition around 90% of the time.

Doctors will perform a variety of tests and laboratory measurements as no biological evidence can be obtained whilst the person is still alive; the plaques and tangles which form in the brain of the Alzheimer’s sufferer can only be fond when brain tissue is viewed under a microscope.

Doctors will build up a profile of the patient, consider and implement the following:

  • Medical History – The person’s physical health is considered, medical problems and any prescription drugs being used. The doctor may wish to confer with close family members. the ability of the person to perform typical daily activities.
  • Physical Examination – This will include sight and hearing tests, pulse and blood pressure checked. A different condition other than Alzheimer’s may be diagnosed.
  • Laboratory Testing – Blood and urine are tested to check indicators which, again, may point to another condition. Occasionally, a small sample of spinal fluid may be taken and tested.
  • Neuropsychological Testing – The specific problems that the person has are assessed through tools for testing memory, vision and motor coordination, counting and problem solving. A clearer understanding of the symptoms can provide clues as to the underlying cause.
  • Brain Imaging Scan – Non-invasive scanning of the brain captures a picture of it which allows the doctor to identify if anything abnormal is occurring; problems such as brain tumours, blood clots, thyroid gland problems, drug reactions or disease of the blood vessels may be the cause of the symptoms, which are likely to be treatable conditions.
  • Consultation with the Family Members – Close friends and family can often identify the problems that the person is suffering from and which the sufferer may be unaware of.

Antioxidant Rich Fruits and Vegetables


Blueberries offer a lot more antioxidants. For instance, eating just one cup of blueberries will give you 13,427 antioxidants. On the other hand, the framed blueberries contain 9,019 in just one cup.


As far as antioxidants are concerned, blackberries are on top of the list. However, you should keep in mind that they also have polyols that are known to cause abdominal problems.


Just like raspberries and blueberries, strawberries contain a lot of antioxidants that protect your cells from different types of cancers.


If you want to boost your protein, you may want to go for fruits and veggies that have a lot of ellagic acid, such as raspberries.


You should choose the black plums because they offer 4,873 antioxidants in just one serving. However, prunes offer a bit more of it.


Oranges, peaches, mangoes, and watermelons have a lot of beta-cryptoxanthin that lower your risk of arthritis by 20 to 40%.


Cherries are on the list of an ideal source of melatonin. It protects your skin from the UV radiation of the sun. Moreover, this nutrient also repairs your sunburned skin as it boosts the growth of new skin cells. Moreover, cherries also come with vitamin C that develops collagen, which prevents wrinkles.


Kale is heavy with cancer-fighting vitamins and antioxidants. Besides, it contains beta-carotene. It is also the best combination of both zeaxanthin and lutein.


Rich in carotenoids, spinach boosts the health of your eyes in addition to help you prevent macular degeneration. So, you are less likely to have blindness.

Spinal Cord

The Functions of Morphogen

Morphogens develop a graded distribution; instill cells with appropriate cellular responses. The substance can comprise intracellular factors, and also extracellular factors. It is responsible in determining the location or position of an individual cell.

How Morphogen Gradients Influence the Pattern Formation of the Neural Tube

Two proteins such as Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) and Bone Morphogenetic proteins (BMP) develop anti parallel Morphogen gradient and the Dorsal-Ventral axis. And therefore, both the substances are responsive to the protein signaling from Shh and BMP. Whereas positional information is concerned, the apt and accurate information is largely dependent on the antiparllel gradients of the morphogen as opposed to the single gradient. And the antiparallel morphogen gradient cannot function solely without the integration of the protein duo such as Shh and BMP.

Validating the Truth of Pattern Formation of the Neural Tube

Shh and BMP work as precursors to establish the pattern formation in the neural tube in the vertebrae. To validate the statement, a study has been conducted in the neural tube of the developing mouse. A compound was used to measure the Shh and BMP signaling features. The phosphorylated Smad1/5/8 was assumed as BMP signaling data, while Shh signaling got the transcriptional reporter identification

During the first 30h of the formation of vertebrae, the levels of two of the proteins remained unchanged from the distance of its source. However, a little later, the gradients became contracted. This emphasized that two signaling proteins stayed in their greatest distance during the formation phase at the earliest. Later on, the distances between the gradients shrank with the increase in size of the tissues.

The Key functions of the Signaling Gradients

In order to provide precise information about the positional identities of the neural tube along the axis of the Dorsal-Ventral, the signal gradients must compose of accurate positional data.

With a positional error, when one cell is closer to the morphogen source, the proteins are incapable of offering accurate positional information about the neural tube throughout the DV axis. But, after 30h the levels of the proteins decreased in the middle of the Dorsal-Ventral axis. The positional error increases when the proteins remain less than 20 cell diameter from the morphogen source. However, when both the proteins remain at more than 3 cells diameter at 5h around the DV axis much before their developing stage, they offer the correct location wise information.

Sleep Apnea Diagnosed

Sleep specialists are doctors who have undergone comprehensive training and additional education in the field of sleep medicine. Sleep apnea doctors are pulmonologists (lungs), neurologists (brain), otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat), psychiatrists (mental health) or family physicians.

Getting a good night’s sleep plays in an important role in our overall health and longevity of our lives. It is highly recommended, if you have irregular sleep patterns, to see a sleep doctor as soon as possible. Getting bad or inefficient sleep can compound through your life taking years away. There are also many health risks involved in getting troubled sleep such as; Cardiovascular disease, (People involved in the study who slept five or less hours per day had a two times higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those who slept seven hours) increased risk of stroke, bad sleep is linked to diabetes, it can Weaken the body’s antibody, Increasing the desire to eat fatty Foods, increase stress levels, and aging.


After your doctor has referred you to a Sleep Specialist there will be a number of tests he can perform based on your symptoms. Here are 2 common tests Sleep Specialists perform:

  • Nocturnal polysomnography.While you Sleep you are hooked up to equipment that will monitor all your bio signs including your lung activity, brain activity,breathing patterns, muscle twitches, arm and leg movements, heart activity, as well as your blood oxygen levels.
  • Portable monitoring devices.When the circumstances are not drastic, often times a doctor will prescribe a simplified device that you can take home to diagnose Sleep Apnea. Typically, this will measure your heart rate, blood oxygen, airflow and breathing. Common symptoms of sleep apnea in this tests will show drops and rises in your oxygen level during apneas and awakenings. If you have obvious abnormal results a doctor may immediately choose therapy without further tests.


There are many treatments that only require simple lifestyle changes. There are also many holistic approaches to Sleep apnea. Generally these are used for mild cases of sleep apnea. More severe cases may require surgery, oral appliances or a CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) mask. If you have any concerns with your sleeping patterns or are not getting enough sleep, talk to your doctor about it right away. Getting great sleep can change the way you live your life.

Advantages of Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water Gives a Youthful look

Cucumbers help your body fight free radicals, due to their antioxidant content thereby slowing down aging and enhancing your body’s ability to fight disease. Although not as high as some intensely colored vegetables, such as red cabbage.

Our bodies contain about 55-60%, the more we hydrate, the healthier our bodies and all the cells in them are. Water transports oxygen, essential minerals, and vitamins, and also serves as a way of flushing toxins out of our system, so getting an adequate amount is actually a component of healthy aging. And what better way to do it than with tasty cucumber spa water.

Cucumber Water Promotes Healthy Bones

Cucumbers has vitamin K which plays a very important role in strengthening bones by promoting orthotropic activity, the high amount of silica in it promotes joint by strengthening the connective tissue, cucumbers help keeps your bones healthier as you age. Vitamin K is also essential for proper blood clotting, so it’s important to get your fair share. One raw cucumber with the peel on contains 62% of the daily required value according to Self Nutrition. By the way, Vitamin K, which is actually a group of chemicals, is present in several other green foods as well, such as kale, spinach, and collard greens, and some not so green ones, such as blueberries and cauliflower.

Cucumber Water Fights Cancer

One more reason to eat and drink your cucumber water is that its contains cucurbitacins which aids in treating cancer, because they kill cancer cells and prevent their proliferation. Cucumber sufficient fluid intake which is easy to do, if you do take tasty spa water regular all day long, also reduces chances of developing urinary cancer.

Cucumber Water helps in Weight Loss

Cucumber can also act as a natural mild diuretic helping you get rid of that excess water and bloating. Cucumber spa water will naturally quench your thirst and make you forget about drinking water juice or should I call it water loaded with sugar. This is an easy way to cut calories from your diet. Not only that, but cucumber water makes plain water taste better, which means you’re likely taking more water. Water is an important factor in preventing constipation, which can cause swelling in the abdomen and add on a few extra pounds. Also, sufficient water intake helps your body’s natural detoxification processes, which makes it function more efficiently, thereby facilitating weight loss.

Cucumber Water Moisturizes the skin

Full of a host of skin-loving nutrients, such as the mineral silica, cucumbers enhance good skin health by increasing moisture and improving elasticity, which is why you find it in so many skin products on the market. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. Drink some spa water while you take it with a few chilled cucumber slices on your eyes.

Osteoporosis Diagnosed

To accurately receive a diagnosis of osteoporosis, four medical practices are involved. Diagnosis consists of a physical examination, laboratory tests, medical history and, lastly, though most revealing, a bone density test. Each part of the diagnosing process plays a role in measuring the disease’s progression. This evaluation provides vital information about potential causes and the decreased amount of bone mass, as well as determining risks towards bone fractures.

So you will clearly understand each part of the diagnosing for osteoporosis process, the following informative research defines what is involved.

Your doctor will begin the diagnosis for possible osteoporosis by asking you a number of questions. These questions will be directed towards your daily diet, and what kind of activities you normally do throughout each day. Then, your doctor will talk with you about any medications, vitamins or supplements that you may be taking. Finally, your doctor will do a thorough physical examination. This completes the medical history and physical evaluation part of the diagnosis process.

At the laboratory, a lab technician will take a sample of your blood. Next, you will be asked to give a sample of your urine. Having given the samples, your visit to the lab, for the purpose of diagnosing osteoporosis, is done. From this point, it is time for the laboratory technicians to begin their tests.

Now you have arrived at the final part of your diagnosis for osteoporosis, which is radiology. At the radiology department, a technician will be taking sophisticated and specialized X-rays of targeted bones within your body. It is through the highly technical scanning within this advanced type of X-rays that will pinpoint any signs of osteoporosis.

Over the next few days, you will be waiting to learn the results from your being tested for osteoporosis. During this time, the medical technicians are conducting and reviewing your tests, in order to provide your doctor and you with a diagnosis. The diagnosis will prove whether or not you have, or are developing osteoporosis.