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Sleep specialists are doctors who have undergone comprehensive training and additional education in the field of sleep medicine. Sleep apnea doctors are pulmonologists (lungs), neurologists (brain), otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat), psychiatrists (mental health) or family physicians.

Getting a good night’s sleep plays in an important role in our overall health and longevity of our lives. It is highly recommended, if you have irregular sleep patterns, to see a sleep doctor as soon as possible. Getting bad or inefficient sleep can compound through your life taking years away. There are also many health risks involved in getting troubled sleep such as; Cardiovascular disease, (People involved in the study who slept five or less hours per day had a two times higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those who slept seven hours) increased risk of stroke, bad sleep is linked to diabetes, it can Weaken the body’s antibody, Increasing the desire to eat fatty Foods, increase stress levels, and aging.


After your doctor has referred you to a Sleep Specialist there will be a number of tests he

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Macular degeneration is a deterioration of the macula. The macula is at the center of the retina. The retina is the part of the eye that sends visual images to the brain so a person can see. This damage to the macula results in blind spots, blurry or distorted vision. This disease is one of the major visual disease in the United States.

There is not a lot known about macular degeneration. What is known, however is that it is closely linked with aging. There has also been a link found between the disease and a gene variant called complement factor H or CFH. Macular degeneration has two forms: dry or wet. Dry or non-nonvascular macular degeneration is the most common and occurs in 85% to 90% of diagnosis. Wet or nonvascular macular degeneration is a rarer form that results in the worst vision impairments. It is thought that the dry form is caused by thinning of the tissue in the macula. The wet form may be caused by leakage of blood and fluid into the retina.

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The easiest way to get blurry vision is to walk around without your glasses on. This may sound stupid, but lots of people refuse to go to the eye doctors and get their eyes checked or re-checked. The result: blurry vision.

You can also get blurry vision from consuming too much alcohol or taking illegal drugs. I’m sure most of you have had a few too many beers and had your vision go wacko as a result. I’m also sure that none of you have ever done illegal drugs, so you wouldn’t have any first hand experience with blurry vision because of it. Guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

If you have high blood pressure you may experience some blurry vision. This is explained in depth in the articles on high blood pressure found on at our site.

Blurry vision can also be a result of over exerting yourself. For instance, if you go jogging and push your body to the limits, it’s only a matter of time before you aren’t getting enough


Herein lies one of the more difficult issues plaguing the healthcare system in this country – it’s the lack of straightforwardness. Then again, how many times have you looked at your doctor make a note and not been able to read one word? Maybe being a bit in the dark is just a thing to work through.

But when it comes to varicosities, you don’t really have a lot to worry about, which is kind of nice. They may not be the worst thing in the world, but it really does become a drag when you think about how they look. Most of us remember older female relatives walking around with striations on their legs that just looked painful. Now, you’re older, and the notion of dealing with varicose veins makes you want to crawl under a rock. However, you should fight that urge and talk to your doctor about them and what options you have to get rid of them.

Here’s some good information to have:

  • Varicosities & Varicose Veins Are The Same Thing – Between varicosity, vascular, and varicose, it’s hard to keep it all straight.
  • Your Entire Body is Fair Game – You’ll

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When changes like this happen and you feel your eyesight is weakening, corrective measures can be taken to reduce the impact of it on your day to day life. For instance, you could add higher voltage lights in places you spend time in most, like around your house, the stairways and your favorite reading spots. This could help you reduce strain on your eyes and make you see a lot better. It will also reduce the chances of any accidents happening due to weak eyesight.

You can prevent eye problems and eye diseases by following the methods listed below –
Visiting your doctor and performing regular medical tests to check for diseases like diabetes, which is a silent killer and leads to problems in eyesight if not treated on time.

Conducting a thorough eye scan with your eye specialist once every year.

Almost all eye problems can be treated if they are found in the early stages. You should ensure that your eye doctor checks if your pupils are dilating, this is done by the use of eye drops. You should also have your doctor check your eyesight, your spectacles and the eye muscles. Its

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  • Oligonucleotide Probes: Genetic substances associated with vaginosis are identified by performing this test. This test is fairly accurate. However for some unknown reason this test is not regularly available in majority of health check labs.
  • Vaginal pH: The normal pH level of a healthy vagina is normally in the range of 3.8 to 4.5. In case the pH level rises above 4.5 it is a sign of vaginosis. Vaginal discharge sample can be examined to check the pH levels and identify the infection.
  • Gram Strain: During this test a kind of special dye is applied to a microscope slide in which the vaginal discharge sample is to be examined. This dye causes certain types of bacteria like Gram-positive to turn a shade of purple. Other types of bacteria like the Gram-negative ones turn pink when the dye is used. The presence of Gram negative bacteria indicates that a woman is infected with bacterial.
  • Wet Mount: This is another test during which vaginosis is identified by placing a sample of vaginal discharge mixed with normal salt solution on a microscope slide. The presence of white blood cells in the sample is an indication of bacteria and

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There’s no particular study about the age the symptoms will occur. Even though if a baby has the syndrome no symptoms will be shown until they are 6 months old. When the baby reaches between 12 to 18 months, the symptoms will start to show. Listed below are some of the symptoms:

Reduced growth: The circumference of the head will be smaller and the brain won’t grow as needed for the age. As the child gets older, the difference will be clearly seen. This may sound similar to the symptom of Autism.

Mobility problems: Children with this syndrome will tend to rub their hands often and also will lose the movement of their hands and muscle coordination.

Communication skills: Children won’t be able to talk and can have extreme social anxiety most times. They may not show any kind of excitement towards toys, or the people they meet.

Breathing problems: Uncoordinated breathing, namely very fast breathing, forceful exhalation of air or saliva.

Change over in the character: They tend to become tense and irritable, often as they get older. Unusual crying, screaming or laughter for the longer period of time can be seen.

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Some general health benefits of taking Magnesium include lower blood pressure. This is due to the fact that magnesium plays a role in regulating normal heart function. From this point of view it assists the heart as a natural remedy for heart palpitations due to the fact that it maintains a normal heart rhythm. It also helps you to maintain normal blood pressure. Concentrations of magnesium are also found in the bones and skeletal muscle. Therefore, this mineral supports bone health. Magnesium is also useful in the sense that due to the fact that it is considered a muscle relaxant it is used by athletes to alleviate sore muscles. There is also an application that applies to relieving anxiety and depression. For instance, a deficiency in this mineral causes these symptoms as this mineral also regulates the healthy function of the nervous system. It is also important in regulating energy levels and improving the health of the immune system. But did you know that Magnesium also supports eye health? Here are some eye health benefits of magnesium for better vision:

Helps in Absorption of various vitamins: magnesium is involved in absorbing Vitamins A, C and B and

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Custom Lasik surgery involves photographing your cornea from three different dimensions to check on the comportment in which it recognizes and retains light. Doctors will appraise these pictures and the surgical stratagem for your Lasik surgery will be based on their annotations. This procedure is known as lasik wave-front technology and it offers better exactness and exactness match up to to contact lenses, glasses or other Lasik procedures.

But know that this may not be appropriate for everyone. You need to be accepted as a nominee for custom lasik surgery by the FDA. The stipulation of your eyes and general health will first be checkered by the FDA and then by your surgeon to verify if you are at all eligible for the procedure. Be conscious that lasik surgery though popular eyes care procedure today may also not be the solution to many indiscretions to do with vision.

Lasik in San Diego and Lasik institutes in Los Angeles are possibly the best options for most people keen on this procedure. Both cities are the largest in the state of California and come highly recommended for their excellent lasik doctors, lasik institutes, pre and post operative care


Iris is a curtain-like outer tissue encircling the pupil, behind the cornea. It is the one which gives the color to the eye which we describe variously as black eye, brown eye etc., Iritis or Iridocyclitis is a serious disease of the eye. Generally it is mistaken for simple conjunctivitis or red eye. As a result patient wastes plenty of time before consulting an Eye-specialist. The problem is if the patient starts treatment in the late phase of the disease, even the best of treatment will not prevent damage to the structure and function of the eye. In the anterior uveitis or iritis, the iris is affected in different grades depending on the severity of the disease. With the result, the pupil which is normally round gets deformed or go out of shape. Sometimes different types of exudates would accumulate in the papillary area or anterior chamber.

The Eye-specialist has to find the cause of iritis. He usually recommends blood and urine tests and, if the cough is severe then the sputum examination also has to be done. In spite of these tests, many a time the cause may not be detected. Then the treatment becomes difficult.

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You may improve your blood circulation in many ways : do not smoke, the nicotine causes your blood vessels to constrict and your heart to beat faster, and this raises your blood pressure. Most people breathe improperly by using only the upper portion of lungs; Hydrotherapy (hot and cold shower) may help to improve blood circulation. Avoid stressful situations. Regular exercise will have positive results on your blood flow. Choose a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in fat. Reduce proteins and saturated fats (found in red meat, cheese and cream). Effective circulation boosting foods are pumpkin seeds , oranges, nuts, watermelon, garlic.

Improving sleep may also help to improve blood circulation, here are some tips to improve your sleep : Avoid large meals before bedtime, or going to bed feeling hungry. Avoid sources of caffeine such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, fizzy drinks non-herbal teas (Caffeine takes 8 hours to metabolize). Sleep is often disturbed in smokers and those who withdraw from heavy nicotine use. Although alcohol helps to fall asleep but the sleep will be very poor quality & fragmented. Regular exercise improves your sleep (although do not exercise close

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Often, the first thing anyone does when they notice strange neurological symptoms is to see their family doctor, these Primary Care Physicians will usually have between zero and six patients with MS on their books and, even then, rely heavily on the patient’s neurologist for diagnosis and treatment. Multiple Sclerosis is known as the “Garbage Disease”.

Because of the differential diagnosis (conditions that present with one or more of the same symptoms as MS) it’s complicated for doctors to confidently diagnosis MS. If doctors can’t identify a disease, they often claim it’s MS.

There is no specific test for multiple sclerosis and it is not even certain that it is only one disease. To an extent, getting an MS diagnosis is a process of eliminating all other possibilities.

I was different. Because I had been completely healthy until my eyes started moving (with rotary nystagmus), it was easy to get the diagnosis. I had the three situations that confirmed it: Rotary Nystagmus, white spots on my brain which the MRI concluded, and a small numb spot on my back. In three days I was diagnosed.

Typically, it takes longer, usually people go through several

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The vitreous humor is the liquid or gel like substance in the eyeball. It is the medium between the lens and the back of the eye where the retina is located. The cause of floaters is when bits of tissue from the lining of the vitreous humor become loose. They are free to float around in the vitreous humor and will occasionally interfere with the line of sight causing the irregular shapes.

The bits of tissue that come loose is generally a consequence of aging or could be caused by wear and tear or accidents that have occurred. It might also be caused by posterior vitreous detachment. This is mainly a harmless event in the eye but will cause the increase in floaters. It generally only lasts a few days and then the floaters tend to disappear. However if the floaters continue after a few days it is a good idea to see your doctor. The same applies to flashes. Flashes are more disruptive than floaters because they flare up and can make it hard to concentrate on the image. If they continue for more than a few hours you should see your doctor.

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